Product Information
  • This radiator is available with the mounting frame.
  • Purchasing a new radiator with a new frame can save your mechanic up to 2 hours of labor
  • Radiators and frames are subject to twisting and flexing during the normal course of operating a truck.
  • Re-using the original frame, which likely has a slight twist to it will cause stress on your new radiator and cause it to fail prematurely.
  • Order your radiator with the frame and save labor and extend the life of your radiator

Active Radiator
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310049WF - Van Hool Radiator
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Special Notes
 Available Without Frame Go To 3100-49
Core Dimensions
Height: 40 3/4"
Width: 29 11/16"
Depth: 2 1/4"
Overall Height: "
Product Type: Radiator
Active Construction: Aluminum
O.E. Construction: CBR
Filler Neck: None
Inlet:2.75" (Top Right)
Outlet:2.75" (Bottom Left)
Oil cooler:None - "
OE Numbers