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  • This radiator is available with the mounting frame.
  • Purchasing a new radiator with a new frame can save your mechanic up to 2 hours of labor
  • Radiators and frames are subject to twisting and flexing during the normal course of operating a truck.
  • Re-using the original frame, which likely has a slight twist to it will cause stress on your new radiator and cause it to fail prematurely.
  • Order your radiator with the frame and save labor and extend the life of your radiator

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Custom Cooling Package for Toyota Pickup Operating in Mines

Click to EnlargeFiller neck and connections

From Weekly Failures to Two Years of Trouble-Free Service

A mining operation in Montana relied heavily on its specially fitted pickup trucks for continuously hauling two-ton loads approximately nine-thousand feet underground. The poor air quality was resulting in weekly failures, slowing production dramatically. The mining company approached David Doll of Val's Radiator to see if he could address their issue. Dave Doll said, "Upon looking at the design of the initial cooling package we recommended going from a vertical down-flow design to a horizontal cross-flow. This would provide two key benefits. First, it would provide a more secure installation of the package. Second, this design would provide more cooling." Dave did a sketch of the recommended design and worked with the heat transfer engineers at Active Heavy-Duty Cooling Products to develop a prototype. The prototype lead to a further improvement, which included moving from an electric fan producing between 2-3 CFM to a direct-drive fan off the crank pulley, which resulted in 6-7 CFM. The cooling package was then ruggedized for the demanding operating conditions. The result: the pickups are now operating for two-years with NO leaks and NO heat transfer issues.

Posted:2012-01-12 11:10:06 by Kevin Montgomery

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