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  • This radiator is available with the mounting frame.
  • Purchasing a new radiator with a new frame can save your mechanic up to 2 hours of labor
  • Radiators and frames are subject to twisting and flexing during the normal course of operating a truck.
  • Re-using the original frame, which likely has a slight twist to it will cause stress on your new radiator and cause it to fail prematurely.
  • Order your radiator with the frame and save labor and extend the life of your radiator

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Reengineered Link Belt Crane Radiator Eliminates Downtime Due to Mounting Failures

Click to EnlargeUnit shown with improved studs

This large radiator/charge-air-cooler package is mounted in the crane by two threaded studs. The core is a series of fins and tubes with an 1/8" thick aluminum panel on the outer ends of the core. The studs are mounted into the bottom side panels of the core. As a result, all the vibration of the crane was transferred directly to the lower fins and tubes of the core, causing the core to leak. There is obviously not enough support, so the stud was sheared off. This caused the entire assembly to bounce around.

Active Heavy-Duty Cooling Products redesigned the radiator to include a solid 1-5/8" thick mounting support that diverts the vibration away from the radiator tubes and insures that the studs will remain in place for long service life.

To have Active Heavy-Duty Cooling Products address premature radiator, charge-air-cooler, oil cooler or cooling package failure, please call 800.783.4030, email or visit Aluminum Recoring page.


Posted:2012-09-06 09:26:28 by Kevin Montgomery

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