Diesel Fuel Tank Repair Services For Commercial Fleets

Active has a full-service welding and fabrication department that is ready to perform a wide range of diesel fuel tank repair services on vehicles in your commercial fleet. We can handle everything from simple repairs to removing end caps, straightening out major damage, installing a baffle within an existing diesel fuel tank, and much more. We repair diesel fuel tanks in commercial vehicles made by most manufacturers available in the US.

diesel fuel tank damaged from fire hydrant
diesel fuel tank after being repaired

Find A Diesel Fuel Tank Repair Center Near You

With locations across the US, Active Radiator is your trusted local repair shop for all your diesel fuel tank repair needs. You can find us at any of the following locations:

Diesel Fuel Tank Repairs We Offer

Our team has extensive experience performing a wide range of repair services on diesel fuel tanks, including:

  • Repairing leaks
  • Replacing sections due to band wear
  • Removing end caps
  • Straightening major damage
  • Installing an internal baffle
  • and much more…
diesel fuel tank repaired where the tank rotted under the straps

Repair where the tank rots under the straps