New Parts from Active Heavy Duty!

Part numberManufacturerModelProduct LineType MaterialOverall HeightCore Height Core WidthCore DepthOEM Part Numbers
27-1532Industrial Oil Cooler Loaders & EquipmentOil Cooler Aluminum 19 13/1614 5/1613 15/161 15/16271532
27-1533Caterpillar321CLoaders & EquipmentOil CoolerAluminum 40 5/836 5/818 11/163  1/2271533, 2653566
28-0490Caterpillar / BearwardGeneratorGeneratorCharge Air CoolerAluminum 63 3/1653 13/1618  1/46  1/2280490, 280490N
28-0491WirtgenLoaders & EquipmentCombo UnitAluminum 60 1/25519  1/26  1/4280491, 280491N, 2558543
31-0171Motorhome Motorhome MotorhomeRadiatorAluminum 58 5/1649 1/230  9/165     310171, 310171AT
41-0266Crown Lift Truck Lift Truck RadiatorAluminum 27 7/823 3/415  7/162  3/8410266, 410266AT
7700-56BTPeterbilt 1995-2003 357 Series Truck RadiatorAluminum 29 1/434  1/22  1/4770056, 770056BT

Active manufactures custom-size radiator cores, complete radiators, high-pressure oil coolers, high-pressure air coolers and commercial condensers. With such a variety of product lines to choose from, Active is the industry’s premier choice for heavy-duty & high-performance part needs.

Aluminum Units

Fin Production: Coils of aluminum are processed through fin machines.

Core Assembly: Tubes and fins are stacked into a fixture.

Brazing: Active uses a controlled atmosphere furnace. This process allows for consistent temperature across the core which facilitates robust final joints.

Copper and Brass Units

Header Production: A technician programs a CNC machine to punch a pattern of tube slots into sheet brass

Fin Production: Coils of copper are processed through fin machines

Core Assembly, Flat Fin:

Fins are loaded into an assembly fixture

Tubes are manually pushed through a series of fins

Baking: After assembly, the core is baked in a natural gas process oven


Each header is dipped into a pot of molten solder to seal every tube to header joint

Technicians reinforce common stress areas for extra strength