Active – Built Better – Delivered Faster – Guaranteed

This simple goal has resulted in our becoming a quality manufacturer of heavy-duty copper/brass radiator cores, all-metal complete radiators, brass tanks, aluminum charge air cooler cores, complete CACs, and oil coolers.

We have decades of experience serving truck fleets, construction, and industrial companies. Our family-owned company has been solving heat transfer challenges since 1953.

Repairing, Recoring, Cleaning, and Welding Services

Active operates a full service center at most of our locations.

Active can clean, repair, recore, redesign, and weld all types of radiators, charge air coolers, and oil coolers in a professional and timely manner. Our coast to coast footprint can provide products and services that you need when you need them.

Based at our Philadelphia PA Facility

Fabrication and Machining Services

Active has a full service fabrication and machine shop. In addition to radiator parts, we can design, fabricate, or machine a wide variety of parts for just about anything. If your customers needs a metal part that is obsolete or back ordered, we may be able to help you.

If your customer has a metal part that fails prematurely, Active can likely design and produce a more durable part.