New DPF and DOC Filters

Active’s New DPF and DOC Filters:

  • Come as a kit and include gaskets and clamps
  • Have no core exchange
  • Full 2-Year unlimited miles warranty
  • Meet or exceed OEM specs for particulate matter and back pressure
  • Are built to last using high grade stainless steel and platinum group metals

Exact Fit for:

  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Detroit Diesel
  • Hino
  • Isuzu
  • Mack
  • Mercedes
  • Navistar
  • Paccar
  • Sprinter
  • Volvo

Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF

DPF or Diesel Particulate is a honeycomb configured, ceramic filter installed inline in the exhaust stream and are used to reduce/eliminate the visible particulate matter (PM) or soot, from the exhaust of diesel engines.

Platinum Group Metallurgy

Diesel Particulate Filters use a unique mix of precious metals washcoat and substrate to turn soot into EPA-acceptable exhaust. Dinex emissions systems have been tried and tested to meet or exceed the standards set out by OE manufacturers.


A DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) is similar in size/shape/location to the DPF and it reduces the N20 (Nitrous Oxide) in the exhaust, as well as an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) loop which pulls raw, untreated, exhaust directly from the exhaust manifold and plumbs it back into the intake of the engine.

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

Metal Core

Have a metallic core, which makes for a more durable DOC than comparable ceramic cores, keeping you on the road longer.

Clamps and Gaskets Included

Comes with clamps and gaskets needed for install, saving money and time from ordering several parts.

Built to Last

Are built with a full drum weld to ensure the DOC cannot breach.

Perfect Fit

Fit perfectly with Dinex DPF kits, provided for an easy install experience.

Aftermarket DOC Kits

  • Are new
  • Have no core requirements
  • Are less expensive than OEM
  • Have a 2-year, unlimited miles warranty
  • Are built to last, using high-grade stainless steel used in canning

Premium Clamps & Gaskets

Looped Ends

Looped ends provide a greater adjustment range and band tension.

360° Seal

Full 360° seal means lower leakage rates.

Beveled Shape

Beveling provides a better seal.

Premium clamps are designed to form around the shape of each DPF/DOC pipe, fasteners working independently to provide maximum deformation, resulting in the best. Fit.