Recoring Copper and Brass Units

Active manufactures new copper and brass cores for any style of radiator.

Copper-Brass Radiators with tanks soldered to the core:

Using a torch, we remove the tanks from the original radiator. We remove any paint, rust, and old solder. We check for any stress cracks and repair as needed. Then we fit the tanks to the new core and solder an entire new seam joining the tanks to the core.

Copper-Brass Radiators with tanks that bolt to the core:

Using an impact gun, we remove the tanks and side panels from the core. We sandblast and remove any paint, corrosion, and rust from the steel parts. We check for any stress crack and repair as needed. We apply a primer to protect the steel parts. We fabricate new gaskets and install the tanks onto the new core using premium grade plated bolts and nuts. All bolts are torqued to factory specs followed by an underwater pressure test.

Recoring Aluminum Units

Active manufactures aluminum cores for all styles of radiators, charge air coolers, and oil coolers.

Using a plasma cutter, we remove the original tanks. Using a Bridgeport, we machine the surface of the tanks to insure a proper fit onto the new core. We weld the tanks onto the new core with a tig welding process followed by an underwater pressure test.