Active can manufacture a new radiator, charge air cooler, or oil cooler for any application. Extend the life of your heat exchanger by using our Proprietary Anti-Corrosive Coating.

Active offers a unique and proprietary coating process. This process can be applied to any radiator, charge air cooler, oil cooler, and heating, ventilation, air conditioning coils, components, and cabinets.

  • Reduces maintenance and operating cost
  • Extends service life
  • Resists corrosion, ultraviolet rays, and moisture
  • Durable, meets more than 5,000 hours salt-spray resistance

Recommended applications:

  • Trucks and Buses exposed to salt
  • Marine Applications
  • Agricultural equipment exposed to fertilizer
  • Gen sets used near salt water
  • Roof-mounted gen sets exposed to acid rain


ES2 pigments are made from a high-performance stainless alloy and are resistant to corrosive conditions. ES2 pigments are therefore suitable for even the most corrosive environments and will maintain their appearance after many years’ exposure. ES2 pigments help to reduce the effect of thermal loss / degradation by enhancing heat transfer through the coating. Typical transfer loss is ≤1%.


ES2 pigments form a multi-layer structure throughout the paint film. This creates a barrier layer which reflects sunlight away from the paint film preventing ultraviolet rays from penetrating. As a result, UV degradation of individual polymer molecules is eliminated, the film integrity is maintained, and the pigment particles are well anchored to the substrate. The resultant smooth, hard finish stops dirt from accumulating.


The multi-layer structure of the ES2 pigments slows the passage of water molecules into the film and acts as an effective moisture barrier. This prevents subsequent swelling and deterioration of the protective film.

Technical Properties

Salt SprayDIN53167 / ASTM B117Exceeds 5,000 hours
Water ImmersionASTM D870>1,000 hours
Pencil HardnessASTMD3363HB-F
Cross Hatch AdhesionASTM D33590 (5B)
HumidityASTM D17351,000 hours minimum
UV ResistanceASTM D45871,000 hours
Mandrel Bend (Flexibility)ASTM D522Pass – 3,175mm (0.125 inch)
Mold ResistanceASTM G21Pass
C5-1 Continuous CondensationISO 6270Pass
C5-1 Salt SprayISO 7523Pass
C5-1 Chemical ResistanceISO 2812-1Pass