Off-Road Industrial Equipment

Active carries a full line of Off-Road Industrial radiators, oil coolers, and air coolers.

Many off-road equipment coolers are obsolete, on back order, or overpriced, We have a better option: We may already have one in stock, and we can re-core or build a new unit on a timely basis.

Active develops solutions for specialized industries such as:
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Lift trucks
  • Mass transit
  • Construction equipment
  • Loaders
  • GenSets
  • Industrial equipment
  • Off highway
  • OTR Class 5-8

We have developed and manufactured cooling packages for several dealer groups. In certain applications such as landfills and incinerators, the design of the O.E. cooling package would cause the fins to clog. Active redesigned the entire cooling package to incorporate a fin design which allows more debris to pass through the core and reduce fin clogging.

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