Peterbilt 379 Series Radiator From Active!

770006 – Peterbilt 379 Series replaces o.e. bolt-on radiator / with 3 row core / with expansion tank mounted on top tank of radiator 1995-2003

Core Dimensions

Height: 36.25″
Width: 34.5″
Depth: 2.25″
Overall Height: –


Product Type: Radiator
Orientation: Downflow
Filler Neck: None
Inlet: 2.5″ (Left)
Outlet: 3″ (Right)
Oil Cooler: None

OE Numbers

770006 770006BT 7706 S7706
7700064 PET06 PET10 BTC1100R
BT1100R BTC1176 BT1176 239310
TR9310 SCSI239310 239208 TR9208
SCSI239208 437396 41036 5580363
5580364 5580365 CVT80363 VTU80363

Why Get The Cooling System Combo?

When it comes to the cooling system on your heavy equipment it is so important to ensure that everything is in working order. Let us help you to get your cooling system in the best shape possible.

An ineffective cooling system can cause several issues, such as reduced fuel mileage, damage to your turbo as well as contribute to an inefficient exhaust system. We want to help ensure that your cooling system is perfect working order. While you are replacing the radiator, it may be time to also replace the charge air cooler and condenser since you already have them out.

We want to save you from any costly downtime in the future, contact us today to find out how much we can help!

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