Detroit Diesel

Detroit Diesel Radiators

Active has established a strong reputation for meticulously curating an extensive selection of radiators, charge air coolers, and condensers specifically engineered to cater to the robust requirements of heavy-duty vehicles, distinguishing ourselves as a reliable provider for semi-trucks outfitted with the renowned Detroit Diesel engines. We take great pride in our ability to offer a diverse range of products carefully chosen to address the distinct needs of truck drivers and fleet operators who demand nothing but top-tier performance and unwavering reliability from their powerful machines.

Should a particular item not be readily available within our inventory, we guarantee our customers swift assistance through our streamlined and dependable process, ensuring a turnaround time typically under two weeks. This unwavering commitment to delivering efficient service and maintaining product availability reinforces Active’s position as a trusted ally in the heavy-duty vehicle sector, instilling confidence in customers who seek superior equipment for their trucks and yearn for a seamless partnership. Our dedication to meeting and exceeding the expectations of the industry underscores our devotion to providing peace of mind to those who entrust us with their needs for top-notch products suited to their trucks’ exacting standards and performance demands.

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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
28007442.520.06254.5NoneCharge Air CoolerTop RightBottom Left 
2801154419.6254.125NoneCharge Air CoolerTop RightBottom LeftNone
28048437.62530.06252.8125NoneCharge Air Cooler   
29008642.7546.254.875 Combo Unit   
45027542.2524.3753.1875Top LeftRadiatorLeft CenterRight CenterNone
45035242.75254.875NoneRadiatorTop LeftBottom CenterNone
4504123030.752.8125Top CenterRadiatorRight and Left TopRightNA
45114711.18755.53.5None   None
45172139.37533.1254.875CenterRadiatorLeft CenterRightNone
DPF3001    DPF   
DPF3002    DPF   
DPF3003    DPF   
DPF3004    DPF   
DPF35002    DPF   
DPF35006    DPF   
DPF35007    DPF   
DPF35008    DPF   
DPF35011    DPF   
DPFC90005    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFC90006    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFC90007    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFC90008    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFC90009    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFC90011    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFC90020    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFG90010    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFG90011    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFG90012    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFG90015    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFG90020    Exhaust Accessories   
DPFG90027    Exhaust Accessories