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With a large stock of popular and not so popular cooling products as well as the ability to make your OE replacement parts if needed.

While using your heavy-duty truck, you can be confident that should you need repair, we can help you through that! If your radiator, charge air cooler or condenser is beyond any repair, Active Radiator has the most popular replacement parts in stock across the U.S. For example, we have the 310105 Radiator for your Eldorado Bus .

Experience the Active advantage today! We’ll help get your equipment back in service quickly with minimal downtime.  Find a location near you to buy an Eldorado radiator replacement

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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
3100733421.55.5625NoneRadiator  None
31010533.7521.55.5625NoneRadiatorTop RightBottom RightNone
31012534.375264.1875NoneRadiatorBOTTOM LEFTTOP RIGHTNone
31016137.7524.18755NoneRadiator  None