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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
45136641.12515.55.5NoneRadiator` None
29021317.437515.93751.5LeftCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
2902152018.56254.5NoneCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29021723.521.52.25FrontCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29021817.516.43751.9375CenterCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29022013.7522.251.9375NoneCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29022119.37525.1253.5NoneCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
290224 28 CenterCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
290225 30.3125 Left  Water SideAir Side 
290226 24.3125 CenterCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
290227 24.55.1875LeftCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
290228 23.6875 CenterCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
29023225.525.68754.5Right CenterCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
290234 48.18757.4375NoneCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
290236 34.06256.75NoneCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
290237 25.43756.5RightCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
29024119.7522.52.8125NoneCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
2902512323.252.375LeftCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
29025425.12523.754.5RightCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29025531.525.323.5RightCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29025625.12521.18754.5RightCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
2902582628.066.375NoneCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
29026719.812520.93754.5RightCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29026929.187522.754.5RightCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29027325.875265.5RightCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29027533.37521.753.5NoneCombo UnitWater Side  
2902772626.255.5RightCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
2902782630.12555Right CenterCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
29028114.87615.93752.25CenterCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29028221.312518.68753.5NoneCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
290297 4919RightCombo UnitWater SideAir Side 
2902982525.56254.5RightCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29029920.87519.8753RightCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29030021.687527.8753.5CenterCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
2903042921.43753.5NoneCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
29030522.562520.31253.5LeftCombo UnitWater SideOil Side 
271229  4.25NoneOil CoolerWater OutletOil Cooler 
27148427.8754.31254.4375NoneOil CoolerWater OutletWater Inlet 
45110822.7519.56253NoneRadiatorUpward FacingDownward FacingNone
27030127.12528.1251.9375NoneOil CoolerUpper RightUpper Left 
27037514.7515.18753.5NoneOil CoolerUpper RightLower LeftNone
45016036.7520.3755Top CenterRadiatorUpper RightLower LeftNone
27016132.312522.752.25NoneOil CoolerUpper LeftMid RightNone
27016635.530.52.75NoneOil CoolerUpper LeftLower RightNone
27029826.12516.56252.25NoneOil CoolerUpper LeftUpper Right 
27039226.512.8755.5NoneOil CoolerUpper LeftUpper Right 
2703984258.6255.5noneOil CoolerUpper leftUpper Right 
27041438.3125352.75NoneOil CoolerUpper Leftbottom 
2800012010.6254.125NoneCharge Air CoolerUpper LeftLower Left 
31007538.87530.252.875NoneRadiatorUpper LeftLower RightNone
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  • 1-50 of 4,918 results

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