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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
260146    Radiator   
27001122.57.56253.5NoneOil Cooler3 Left1 RightNone
27002825.7520.9952.375NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
2700773017.93751.5NoneOil Cooler   
27016132.312522.751.5NoneOil CoolerUpper LeftMid RightNone
27033620.18753.6253.625NoneOil CoolerLeftRightMiddle
27080323.62512.0946 Oil Cooler   
27080914.2516.251.5NoneOil CoolerTOP LEFTTOP RIGHTNone
27098532.37522.68751.5NoneOil Cooler   
27112222.7543NoneOil Cooler   
27112524.512.06255.5NoneOil Cooler   
27113810.759.93753NoneOil Cooler   
27120424.253.753.75NoneOil Cooler   
27148427.8754.31254.4375NoneOil CoolerWater OutletWater Inlet 
27151579.51.9375NoneOil Cooler   
27151721.37541.5NoneOil Cooler   
27153031.562545.5NoneOil CoolerDualDual 
27155821.511.8751.9375NoneOil Cooler   
27167315.62561.5NoneOil Cooler   
27170017.2520.8752.25NoneOil Cooler   
2800012010.6254.125NoneCharge Air CoolerUpper LeftLower Left 
28004217.2530.1252.25NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRight 
28007739.5191.5NoneCharge Air Cooler   
2800902125.53NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
28012040.8758.81254.5NoneCharge Air Cooler  None
28016123.2517.8752.375NoneCharge Air Cooler  None
28024044.37517.8294.125 Charge Air CoolerTop RightBottom RightNone
28030532.8759.3753.0625NoneCharge Air Cooler   
2803103530.1253.5NoneCharge Air Cooler   
28031617.37528.81251.9375NoneCharge Air Cooler   
28033431.37523.52.8125NoneCharge Air Cooler   
28034222.7510.6253NoneCharge Air Cooler   
28040222.7513 NoneCharge Air Cooler   
28043124.7527.31251.9375NoneCharge Air Cooler   
28048931.56259.56255.5NoneCharge Air CoolerTopBottom 
2805042517.81251.9375NoneCharge Air Cooler   
29000325.87526.54.3125LeftCombo Unit   
29006351.753111.5 Combo Unit   
29012939.875243.875NoneCombo UnitTop RightBottom Leftbottom
290230    Combo Unit   
290264 27.755NoneCombo Unit   
4502864129.51.4375NoneRadiatorTop LeftBottom RightRight
4503872824.8752.125TopRadiatorTop RightBottom RightBottom
45046139.875243.875NoneRadiatorTop RightBottom LeftGrill Side
45050011.56.751.5NoneHeater CoreTopTopNone
45052332.538.6253.0625CenterRadiatorRight of CenterRightBottom
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  • 1-50 of 1,067 results

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