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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
27090817.12517.81252.25 Oil Cooler   
28033924.7513.68752.375NoneCharge Air Cooler   
29013824.87532.755.5NoneCombo UnitTopBottomNone
29023821.526.8756.25NoneCombo UnitOil SideWater Side 
45030124.62521.6252.25Top CenterRadiatorTop LeftBottom RightNone
45064220.62520.252.375Top CenterRadiatorCenterLeftNone

Radiators & Charge Air Coolers

For heavy-duty and extreme-duty cooling needs.

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Aluminum Coolers

We offer a full range of coolers from standard welded tubes to extruded tubing for any application.

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Cleaning & Repair

Full-service cleaning & repair of your radiators, coolers, condensers, and more.

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Coatings to protect your radiators and parts in the toughest conditions.

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