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Gillig, previously known as Gillig Brothers, is a prominent American company specializing in the design and production of buses. The firm’s main headquarters, which also houses its manufacturing facilities, are conveniently situated in Livermore, California. With a significant presence in the industry, Gillig stands as the second-largest manufacturer of transit buses in North America when considering production volume. This impressive position was further solidified back in 2013 when Gillig held a substantial market share of around 31 percent in the heavy-duty transit bus manufacturing sector across the United States and Canada. It is noteworthy that this market share was calculated based on the number of equivalent units delivered during that period.

Transitioning from their earlier role as a manufacturer of school buses, Gillig has since evolved to focus primarily on transit bus production. Despite this strategic shift, Gillig remains a well-rounded company, boasting a diverse inventory that includes a broad selection of discontinued and back-ordered radiators. What sets Gillig apart is its exceptional ability to swiftly produce custom radiators, offering lead times that outshine many of its competitors in the industry. This commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction underscores Gillig’s reputation as a reliable and innovative player in the bus manufacturing sector.

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