Kubota Charge Air Coolers

Your charge air cooler’s purpose is to cool the compressed charge of air coming from the turbo charger on a diesel engine prior to entering the combustion chamber.  If this charge is not cooled to a sufficient level, the engine will not operate efficiently. This is why it is so important to maintain your charger air cooler. We can help you to maintain your charger air cooler, sometimes you may not even notice there is an issue since you cannot see the leak occurring. Some signs to watch for are loss of engine power, increased fuel consumption, exhaust manifold failure, turbocharger failure and increased particulate levels in emissions.

We have a large inventory of popular and not so popular cooling products. If we do not have it we will make it for you! You can find all your Kubota charge air cooler needs here at Active, for example we carry part number 280394 for your Kubota SVL952S.

Experience the Active advantage today! We’ll help get your equipment back in service quickly with minimal downtime.  Find a location near you to buy a Kubota charge air cooler replacement or schedule to bring us your leaking condenser to evaluate for repair.

Kubota 280394 charge air cooler drawing

Kubota SVL952S Charge Air Cooler

280394 Charge Air Cooler



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