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setra radiators

Setra buses and coaches are renowned for their commitment to innovation, consistently delivering vehicles that embody high quality, top-level comfort, and cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of today’s customers. Whether customers opt for the luxurious TopClass, the comfortable ComfortClass, or the versatile MultiClass, Setra ensures that all their offerings maximize overall economic efficiency.

In this ever-evolving landscape of transportation, Setra remains dedicated to providing top-tier service and support to its clientele. As your partner in ensuring optimal performance and reliability of your vehicles, Active is poised to supply you with a comprehensive range of cooling parts, with a special focus on radiators. Our extensive inventory ensures quick access to ready-made radiators; however, should a specific model not be readily available, our efficient production process allows us to custom-make them for you, with a short lead time of approximately two weeks.

By combining the excellence of Setra vehicles with the reliable supply of cooling parts from Active, customers can rest assured that their transportation needs are not only met but exceeded, creating a seamless and efficient operation that prioritizes performance, comfort, and cost-effectiveness above all else.

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