Sullair Oil Coolers – Browse Replacement Parts

A malfunctioning oil cooler can lead to many issues with your engine. If you suspect an oil cooler problem, it’s important to have an experienced technician do an inspection and perform any necessary repairs. Our technicians here at Active Radiator have experience repairing a wide range of commercial equipment from almost every manufacturer, including Sullair oil coolers.

For example, we offer the 270767 Sullair Compressor oil cooler for your portable air compressor. We know how important it is to have the air compressors with you on site and working, we are here to help you cross any bridge when it comes to repair or replacement.  We know that repair is not always possible, which is why we strive to carry the most popular Sullair replacement parts in stock at our facilities across the U.S.

You can browse a selection of our Sullair oil coolers below, and then schedule a servicing appointment at your closest Active Radiator location, and our technicians will evaluate your needs.

Experience the Active advantage today! We’ll help you get your equipment back in service quickly and with minimal downtime. Find a location near you to buy a Sullair oil cooler replacement.

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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
2701195660.6252.25NoneOil Cooler   
27018948492.75NoneOil Cooler   
27019057.62512.252.375NoneOil CoolerTopBottom 
27019157.62549.6252.25NoneOil Cooler   
27026656.37542.753.5NoneOil CoolerTopBottom 
27029055.125433.5NoneOil Cooler   
27029826.12516.56252.25NoneOil CoolerUpper LeftUpper Right 
27036019.7523.252.25NoneOil CoolerCenter TopCenter Bttm 
27045956.542.753.5NoneOil CoolerTopBottom 
27053227.516.06252.25NoneOil CoolerTopBottom 
27060060.375383.5NoneOil CoolerTopBottom 
27061022.2522.252.25NoneOil Cooler  None
27076758.62567.53.5NoneOil Cooler   
27093755.687530.06254 Oil Cooler   
2714162920.53.5NoneOil Cooler