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Caterpillar, commonly referred to as Cat, leads the industry with its versatile lineup of rugged off-highway trucks and mining trucks, meticulously engineered to excel under the most demanding conditions found in mines, construction sites, and quarries across the globe. These trucks, expertly crafted by Cat, are perfectly paired with their exceptional wheel loaders and excavators, a strategic combination that guarantees optimized productivity levels while keeping operational costs at a minimum.

While Active boasts a vast selection of ready-to-ship radiators, charge air coolers, and condensers, ensuring that customers can swiftly access the essential components they need, even in urgent situations. In the rare event that a specific part is not currently available in our inventory, customers can rest assured that our efficient processes enable a rapid turnaround time, typically clocking in at less than a mere two weeks. This commitment to speedy service not only showcases our dedication to customer satisfaction but also reflects our ability to adapt and fulfill the diverse needs of our clientele promptly and effectively.

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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
27011631.7511.8753.5NoneOil Cooler   
2701252046NoneOil Cooler   
27012831.528.3752.75NoneOil Cooler   
27016327.528.31252.25NoneOil Cooler   
27017524.528.752.75NoneOil Cooler   
27022431.5143.5NoneOil Cooler   
2702292024.6252.25NoneOil Cooler   
27023726.87521.752.75NoneOil Cooler   
27025721212.75NoneOil Cooler   
27028243.687514.753.5NoneOil Cooler   
27030327.562528.3752.75NoneOil Cooler   
2703093339.752.75NoneOil CoolerLeftRightNone
27031139.542.6252.25NoneOil Cooler   
27033147.25472.75NoneOil Cooler   
27033747.125472.75NoneOil Cooler   
2703595539.752.75NoneOil Cooler   
27038029.62515.58.125NoneOil CoolerTop RightBottom Left 
27050327.62512.06254NoneOil CoolerTop RightTop Left 
27050919.255.56254.5NoneOil CoolerRightLeft 
27053732.57.68755.5NoneOil Cooler   
27055232.125383.5NoneOil CoolerTop CenterBottom Center 
27056637.81254.255.5 Oil Cooler   
27061426.255.06255.5NoneOil CoolerTopBottomNone
27062347.12521.18752.25NoneOil CoolerTopBottomNone
27063531.62517.751.5NoneOil Cooler  None
27068128.62510.754.5NoneOil CoolerTopBottomNone
27071837.59.256.25NoneOil CoolerTopBottomNone
27072729.2511.753.5 Oil Cooler   
27073222.7523.52.75 Oil Cooler   
27081033.2519.06253.5NoneOil CoolerCenterCenterNone
27081544.7532.2653.5 Oil Cooler   
27083532.257.68755.5 Oil Cooler   
27083827.62510.18755.5 Oil Cooler   
27086434.7533.3754.5 Oil Cooler   
27088946.62517.68753 Oil Cooler   
27089735.87542.6252.25 Oil Cooler   
27090134.62513.256 Oil Cooler   
27090749.12523.3755.5 Oil Cooler   
27091229.2511.06253.5 Oil Cooler   
27092025.687526.251.9375 Oil Cooler    
27092925.3756.8754.5 Oil Cooler   
27093849.87550.56 Oil Cooler   
27095529.937513.753.5 Oil Cooler   
27095935.12519.93754 Oil Cooler   
2709671231.9375 Oil Cooler   
27097524.755.06255.125 Oil Cooler   
27098611.517.751.9375NoneOil Cooler   
27101342.2542.252.5NoneOil Cooler   
27101438.81254.255.5NoneOil Cooler   
27101920.524.253NoneOil Cooler   
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  • 1-50 of 347 results