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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
29023821.526.8756.25NoneCombo UnitOil SideWater Side 
2902442643.68754.5NoneCombo UnitAir SideWater Side 
27029826.12516.56252.25NoneOil CoolerUpper LeftUpper Right 
27039226.512.8755.5NoneOil CoolerUpper LeftUpper Right 
2703984258.6255.5noneOil CoolerUpper leftUpper Right 
27030127.12528.1251.9375NoneOil CoolerUpper RightUpper Left 
PET1772226.125262.5NoneCharge Air CoolerTwo 4" Connection to TurboTwo 2 1/4" connection to lower coolerNone
2902851819.8751.9375NoneCombo UnitHydraulic SideTransmission Side 
27115225.125203NoneCombo UnitHydraulicTransmission 
27137125.37521.31253.5NoneOil CoolerHydraulicTransmission 
27002020.37513.43752.75NoneOil CoolerTop LeftTop Right 
27002244.7550.254.125NoneCharge Air CoolerTop LeftTop Right 
27026039.37518.52.5NoneOil CoolerTop leftTop Right 
27026136.25362.75NoneOil CoolerTop leftTop Right 
27028369134.5NoneOil CoolerTop LeftTop Right 
27030630303.5NoneOil CoolerTop leftTop Right 
27038335.87531.81253.5NoneOil CoolerBottom RightTop Right 
27040727.7535.3752.75NoneOil CoolerTop LeftTop Right 
2704111816.752.25NoneOil CoolerTop LeftTop Right 
27041533.7535.753.5NoneOil CoolerTop LeftTop Right 
27042023.525.1252.25NoneOil CoolerTop LeftTop Right 
27042422.687510.3753.5NoneOil CoolerTop LeftTop Right 
27062129.5111.9375NoneOil CoolerTop LeftTop RightNone
27076231.513.755.5 Oil CoolerTOP LEFTTOP RIGHT 
27076628.2531.81251.9375NoneOil CoolerTOP LEFTTOP RIGHT 
27080619.2519.8751.9375NoneOil CoolerTOP LEFTTOP RIGHTNone
27080818.2512.81251.9375NoneOil CoolerTOP LEFTTOP RIGHTNone
27080914.2516.251.5NoneOil CoolerTOP LEFTTOP RIGHTNone
270823106.1252.25NoneOil CoolerTOP LEFTTOP RIGHTNone
28000429.12524.93755.5625NoneCharge Air CoolerTop CenterTop Right 
28010827.562520.68752.8125NoneCharge Air CoolerTop LeftTop RightNone
28011028.62519.6252.375NoneCharge Air CoolerTop LeftTop RightNone
31003829.2524.754.625NoneRadiatorTop LeftTop RightNone
31005311.875131.375NoneHeater CoreTop LeftTop RightNone
31012534.375264.1875NoneRadiatorBOTTOM LEFTTOP RIGHTNone
45000327.12524.55.25noneRadiatorTop LeftTop RightNone
45022827.25245.875NoneRadiatorTop LeftTop RightNone
45026029213.6875NoneRadiatorBottom LeftTop RightNone
4503374116.93754.5NoneRadiatorTop leftTop rightNone
45033940.937526.754.125NoneRadiatorLeft of CenterTop RightNone
45034533.87519.1255.5noneRadiatorBottom LeftTop RightNone
45034832.562532.252.25Top CenterRadiatorTop LeftTop RightNone
4515153530.31252.25NoneRadiatorTop LeftTop RightNone
4515543530.31252.25NoneRadiatorTop LeftTop RightBottom
73006131.37517.06252.25NoneRadiatorTop LeftTop RightNone
FRT1814628.12515.06251.9375NoneCharge Air CoolerTOP LEFTTOP RIGHTNone
KEN1651246.37530.8752.5NoneCharge Air CoolerBorrom LeftTop RightNone
NAV1644142.62523.6252NoneCharge Air Coolerbottom lefttop rightNone
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  • 1-50 of 4,792 results

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