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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
VOL188142520.1252.875NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
VOL1881525.312520.252.8125NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
VOL1881634.62525.53.125NoneCharge Air CoolerFlanged LeftFlanged RightNone
VOL1881735.535.52.375NoneCharge Air CoolerTopBottomNone
VOL1881822.37518.6252.75NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
VOL1882134.62525.6253.125NoneCharge Air CoolerFlanged LeftFlanged RightNone
VOL1882232.62531.1252.75NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
VOL1882322.7521.3753.25NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
VOL1882432.37526.3752.625NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
VOL1882527.62521.6252.8125NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
VOL1882622.7521.3753.25NoneCharge Air CoolerFlanged LeftFlanged RightNone
VOL188272520.1253.125NoneCharge Air CoolerLeft FlangedRight FlangedNone
VOL1882832.2526.18752.25NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
WES1820134212.8125NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
WES1820234212.8125NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
WES1820335.524.251.9375NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
WES1820437.7529.1252NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone
WES1820539242.5NoneCharge Air CoolerLeftRightNone

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