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Are you having problems with your Kawasaki Loader. How can you tell if the radiator is repairable or if you need a new one? Major coolant leaks are a common indicator that a new radiator is your best option. Active is here to help! We can help to bridge the gap in the current supply chain issues and get you the parts that you need!

While using your Kawasaki radiator, you can be confident that should you need repair, we can help you through that! If your Kawasaki radiator is beyond any repair, Active Radiator has the most popular Bandit replacement parts in stock across the U.S. For example, we have the 450902 radiator for the Kawasaki 70Z-7 Wheel Loader.

Experience the Active advantage today! We’ll help get your equipment back in service quickly with minimal downtime.  Find a location near you to buy a Kawasaki radiator replacement.

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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
45043746.518.3755Left TopRadiatorLeftLeftNA
45055935.562520.3753.875Right TopRadiatorLeftLeftNone
45067729.7527.254.125CenterRadiatorRight CenterBottom RightBottom
45070854.516.9265 Radiator   
45086442.62522.18755.5Right RadiatorLeft RightNone
45094647.2520.3754.125RightRadiatorRight90 Degree 2"None
45113029.525.18753.6875CenterRadiatorLeft CenterRightBottom
45117130.37527.1255CenterRadiator  Bottom
45123636.2527.1255CenterRadiatorLeft CenterRightNone