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With 12 locations throughout the nation, Active is well positioned and fully equipped to repair and service your heavy-duty cooling parts. If you suspect an oil cooler malfunction, it’s important to have an experienced technician do an inspection and perform any necessary repairs. Our technicians here at Active Radiator have experience repairing a wide range of commercial equipment from almost every manufacturer, including Komatsu oil coolers for your wheel loaders, forestry equipment, dozers, and excavators.

For example, we offer the 270112 oil cooler for your Komatsu PC1250LC-8 Backhoe with the Tier 3 Engine. We know how important it is to have your equipment working on the jobsite, we are here to help you cross any bridge when it comes to repair or replacement.  Maintaining a working oil cooler prevents your oil cooler from failing and forcing all the coolant from the engine, risking further damage and a delay in your work. We know that repair is not always possible, which is why we strive to carry the most popular OE quality Komatsu replacement parts in stock at our facilities across the U.S.

You can browse a selection of our Komatsu oil coolers below, and then schedule a servicing appointment at your closest Active Radiator location, and our technicians will evaluate your needs.

Experience the Active advantage today! We’ll help you get your equipment back in service quickly and with minimal downtime. Find a location near you to buy a Komatsu oil cooler replacement.

Komatsu 270112 oil cooler drawing

Komatsu PC1250-LC8 Oil Cooler

270112 Oil Cooler



Komatsu 270197 oil cooler drawing

Komatsu Oil Cooler

270197 Oil Cooler



Komatsu 270391 oil cooler drawing

Komatsu PC400-6 Oil Cooler

270391 Oil Cooler



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Part Number Height Width Depth Filler Neck Product Inlet Outlet Oil Cooler 
27011254.7552.253.5NoneOil Cooler   
27011631.7511.8753.5NoneOil Cooler   
27015229.3758.6254.5NoneOil Cooler   
27018127.756.31253.5NoneOil Cooler   
27019439.12520.54.125NoneOil Cooler   
2701973512.254.125NoneOil Cooler   
27022226.255.54.125NoneOil Cooler   
27023037.255.54.125NoneOil Cooler   
27029950.875523.5NoneOil Cooler   
2703233429.6252.25NoneOil CoolerTop LeftBottom Right 
27033327.7591.9375 Oil Cooler   
27038646.812519.8753.5NoneOil CoolerTop RightBottom Right 
27039141.562535.8752.75NoneOil Cooler   
27039634.812535.31252.25NoneOil Cooler   
27040251.12547.31252.75noneOil CoolerTOP LEFTBOTTOM LEFT 
27042250.75523.5NoneOil CoolerTop LeftBottom Center 
2704273.87513.1254.75NoneOil CoolerLeftRight 
27042832.062528.6252.25NoneOil CoolerTop RightBottom Left 
27043131.437519.8752.75NoneOil CoolerTop, LeftBottom 
27048936.56259.755.5NoneOil CoolerTopBottom 
27050239.12522.6254NoneOil CoolerRightRight 
27051431.530.3752.25NoneOil CoolerLeftLeft 
27051534.62527.56252.25NoneOil CoolerTop RightBottom Left 
27052048.87538.52.25NoneOil Cooler
27056339.535.8752.75 Oil Cooler   
27057118.516.52.25 Oil Cooler   
27057516.7520.3751.5 Oil CoolerTop LeftBottom RightNone
27060233.187511.81254.5NoneOil Cooler  None
27061912.59.1251.25NoneOil CoolerTopBottomNone
27063327.531.81252.25NoneOil Cooler  None
27066625.524.68752.75NoneOil CoolerTopBottomNone
27069023.125272.25NoneOil CoolerTop BottomNone
27069831.437519.8752.75NoneOil CoolerTop, LeftBottomNone
27070530.3758.06254NoneOil CoolerTopBottomNone
270725128.56251.9375NoneOil CoolerTopBottomNone
27081137.375333.5 Oil Cooler   
27084238.87530.06252.25 Oil Cooler   
2708653922.6254 Oil Cooler   
27092547.37540.3752.75 Oil Cooler   
27093225.2521.81251.9375 Oil Cooler   
27096339.7512.06255.5 Oil Cooler   
27097432.062528.6252.25 Oil Cooler   
27099132.187511.6254NoneOil Cooler   
27100131.529.752.125NoneOil Cooler   
27109350.437524.31251.9375NoneOil Cooler   
27109918.87527.43752.25NoneOil Cooler   
27111532.12511.6254NoneOil Cooler   
2711213920.8754NoneOil Cooler   
27115527.2511.254NoneOil Cooler   
27115932.187513.68754NoneOil Cooler   
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  • 1-50 of 75 results